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A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in a killers hand

70x105cm, oil on canvas


A crown of thorns, inject and a stone. I try to tell you that there are many ways to take a life, andthat in every new way there is a list of excuses.

Like xx, he was not brave enough to say: no I will not take the life of Jesus – you can have Barabbas, but not Jesus.

Like some people on this earth that says: we must stone this person, even if the are no court. Because if there was – they could not murder like that.

Like the public that put their head in the sand regarding drug problems.

Nothing brings the creativity to the table like finding a way to kill “the enemy”.

If the people of this world are going to live together on this planet, we have to find a way to deal with all our differences, without using anything to harm, but build bridges in stead. 





Liberty of speaking

70x105cm, oil on canvas

We have the liberty to speak. It is crustal for us. When the liberty of speaking is set up against the possibility to offend people, it becomes difficult. What weight the heaviest? Offending people - or muzzle yourself? Does it help to mirror the problem, to try to see it from another angle? The Norwegian newspaper is from 13 february 2008, the same day the Danish newspapers printed the muhammed drawings - and the Norwegian newspapers did not follow.


He who lives on illusions, dies of disappointment

70x105cm, oil on canvas

Sometimes love is beautiful, but sometimes love is fatal.  The nailpolish is a metaphor for the female way to dress up to get attention from men. By making the nailpolish flow – one thinks about blood. To often a relationship goes bad – and some times even ends with violence. The bullet has a resemblance to lipstick. Also a feminine attribute to get attention. Media too often makes an unacceptable link between love, sex and violence, which could give an acceptance to use violence to get sex.